Monday, July 15, 2013

Extended: Leslie Thornton's " Peggy and Fred in Hell: The Fold (1985–2013)," through July 22 at MoMAPS1

Thirty years in the making, the final cut of Leslie Thornton's "Peggy and Fred in Hell" is now on view at MoMAPS1 for just another week. This marvelous installation is the culmination of one of the most thorough and thoughtful analyses of our relationship to technology and media in the history of experimental film and video. But even if you think you know the story of "Peggy and Fred," you owe it to see it now with the recently completed "final" episode (which sent shivers down my spine when I realized its significance to the entire project).

Leslie talked with The Observer about this particular installation:

"We’ve filled the cinema with sputtering old TVs, precariously stacked and nestled in and around the audience,” Ms. Thornton told The Observer by e-mail. “It’s a jungle of technological waste forming a physical and metaphorical frame around the film. Over 27 years I’ve presented this project in different episodes and variations, and for the first time the same debris that taught the two child ‘stars’ Peggy and Fred how to talk, think and be—television—invades the audience’s own physical space.”

MoMAPS1's site lists today, July 15 as the final day for the installation, but it's just been extended through July 22. Seriously, don't miss this historic presentation. It's one for the ages.


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