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Moving Image London 2011, Participants and Events


Vincent Meessen

Vita Nova, 2009


26:56 min

Courtesy Normal, Brussels, Belgium


Dara Birnbaum

Six movements: Video work from 1975, 1975

One channel video, b&w, mono-mix

Courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery, New York, NY


Cao Guimarães

Limbo, 2011

Digital HD video

20:30 minutes

Courtesy Galeria Nara Roesler,
São Paulo, Brazil


Cameron Platter

The Old Fashioned, 2010


12:23 minutes

Courtesy toomer labzda, New York, NY


Michael Smith

Baby Ikki, Out and About, 1978/2008


4:07 Minutes

Courtesy Hales Gallery, London, UK


Eve Sussman | Rufus Corporation

The Kiss, 2007

HD Video

8:20 minutes

Courtesy Impronte Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy


Oliver Michaels

The Lovers, 2010

Video projection/sculpture, wood, carpet

13 minutes

Courtesy Cole, London, UK


Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács

Mastering Bambi, 2010

HD Video

12:30 minutes

Courtesy Akinci, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Adrian Wong

Haak Seh Wuih Tuhhg Mau Jai, 2007/2011


Courtesy ltd los angeles, Los Angeles, CA


Jonathan Ehrenberg

Seed, 2010


6:52 minutes

Courtesy Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York, NY


Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung

The Fast Supper, 2011


3:00 minutes

Courtesy Postmasters, New York, NY


Gilad Ratman

The Multipillory, 2010

Video installation

Continuous loop

Courtesy Braverman Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel


Yeondoo Jung

Handmade Memories, 2008

Dual-channel HD video

Courtesy of Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea, and Tina Kim Gallery, New York, NY


Chen Shaoxiong

Ink History, 2010


3:00 minutes

Courtesy of Pékin Fine Arts Bejing, China


Bani Abidi

I Love You, 2003


3:35 minutes

Courtesy Green Cardamom, London, UK


Gulnara Kasmalieva & Muratbek Djumaliev

A New Silk Road:
Algorithm of Survival and Hope
, 2006

Five-channel video installation

9:43 minutes

Courtesy Winkleman Gallery, New York, NY


Moving Image

Contemporary Video Art Fair

London | October 13-16, 2011

For its inaugural exhibition in London, Moving Image presents works by 28 artists represented by 28 galleries and non-profit institutions from South America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Presenting 19 single-channel videos and 9 larger-scale video sculptures/installations, Moving Image has been conceived to offer a viewing experience with the excitement and vitality of a fair, while allowing moving-image-based artworks to be understood and appreciated on their own terms. Taking place in the Bargehouse, a raw, four-storey warehouse space behind the OXO Wharf Tower, conveniently located within walking distance from both the Tate Modern and the Southbank Centre along the Thames, Moving Image represents a broad survey of artists invited by an international committee of curatorial advisors.

Historical works by renowned artists Dara Birnbaum and Hannah Wilke anchor the exhibition. Birnbaum's Six Movements: Video work from 1975 (presented by Marian Goodman Gallery) explores, as one critic put it, what "men can get away with, and women can't." These black & white works with fixed camera setups are still shocking today. Equally provocative is the 1977 work by Hannah Wilke, Intercourse with....(presented by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts), which documents a haunting performance in which the viewer "'eavesdrops" in on a series of phone messages intended for Wilke, recorded from her answering machine.

Among the single-channel videos in the fair is Vincent Meesen's highly acclaimed 2009 film, Vita Nova (presented by Brussels non-profit space Normal). Taking as its starting point Roland Barthes' famous 1957 essay Mythologies and the Paris Match cover photo that illustrated his critique of Modern thoughts on history, Meesen's film reveals how each new telling of a famous story breathes new life and meaning into it. The Kiss (2007) by Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation (presented by Impronte Contemporary Art) isolates a light moment between two people in a room as if captured on a surveillance camera, their truncated bodies drifting in and out of the shot, punctuated with sounds of laughter and the ambience of a party. Jonathan Ehrenberg's 2010 video Seed (presented by Nicelle Beauchene Gallery) addresses themes of transformation and metamorphosis. Evocative of Nikolai Gogol's The Nose (an absurdist tale in which a man's nose becomes detached from his face and begins to boss around its former owner), Ehernberg's piece explores feelings of disembodiment and loss of self. And Shadi Habib Allah's 26-minute video The King and the Jester (presented by Dubai's Green Art Gallery) was shot over two weeks at a Miami autobody shop, capturing the characters of this hypermasculine world as they drift between moments banal and impassioned, revealing a riveting infrastructure of class identification and hierarchies of authority.

In Oliver Michael's multimedia work The Lover's (2010), video is projected onto a bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln, animating the sculpture, as he utters a perpetual procession of descriptive, often spurious statements. The weight and tone of the imposing black bust and its subject are hijacked by Michaels in a critique of the formal fetishization of historical objects. In their 2010 installation Mastering Bambi, Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács (presented by Amsterdam's Akinci Gallery) strip the Disney classic of its cute, personified characters, guiding the viewer through the moods of the film via the "untrammelled wilderness, full of deceptive realism and harmony in which man is the only enemy." And in their five-channel video installation A New Silk Road: Algorithm of Survival and Hope (first commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago and presented by Winkleman Gallery), Kyrgyz artists Gulnara Kasmalieva and Muratbek Djumaliev weave a mesmerizing, contemporary look at the inspiring resilience of poverty-stricken residents along one of history's most famous passages.

Full list of artists / Participating galleries and non-profit institutions

Bani Abidi / Green Cardamom (London, UK)
Anna Baumgart / LOKAL_30 (Warsaw, Poland)
Dara Birnbaum / Marian Goodman Gallery (New York, USA / Paris, France)
Mihut Boscu / SABOT Gallery (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács / Akinci Gallery (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Jonathan Ehrenberg / Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (New York, USA)
Jakup Ferri / Weingruell (Karlsruhe, Germany)
Cao Guimaraes / Galeria Nara Roesler (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
Shadi Habib Allah / Green Art Gallery (Dubai, UAE)
Oliver Herring / Meulensteen (New York, USA)
Yeondoo Jung / Kukje Gallery (Seoul, Korea) and Tina Kim Gallery (New York, USA)
Gulnara Kasmalieva & Muratbek Djumaliev / Winkleman Gallery (New York, USA)
William Lamson / Pierogi Gallery (Brooklyn, USA)
Vincent Meessen / Normal (Brussels, Belgium)
Oliver Michaels / Cole (London, UK)
Wagner Morales / Galeria Transversal (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
Daisuke Nagaoka / Galerie Yukiko Kawase (Paris, France)
Cameron Platter / Toomer Labzda (New York, USA)
Gilad Ratman / Braverman Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Chen Shaoxiong / Pékin Fine Arts (Beijing / Hong Kong, China)
Taro Shinoda / Taka Ishii Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
Michael Smith / Hales Gallery (London, UK)
Eve Sussman & Rufus Corporation / Impronte Contemporary Art (Milan, Italy)
Leslie Thornton / Winkleman Gallery (New York, USA)
Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung / Postmasters (New York, USA)
Suzanne Treister / PPOW (New York, USA)
Adrian Wong / ltd los angeles (Los Angeles, USA)
Hannah Wilke / Ronald Feldman Fine Arts (New York, USA)

For updates on programming information, please visit our website
or contact Ed Winkleman at +1 212.643.3152 or

BYOB Performance hosted by Film Co Lab

On Saturday, October 15, 4:30 - 6:30 pm, in collaboration with Film Co Lab, Moving Image will present "Bring Your Own Beamer" (or BYOB)

BYOB is a series of one-night-exhibitions hosting artists, their work and their projectors. As part of Moving Image, the event will include a series of artists that will collaborate on site to create a moving image performance. Each artist will choose the work to be exhibited and bring his or her own projection apparatus. This edition of BYOB will happen in the Bargehouse attic.


  • Greta Alfaro
  • Richard Install
  • Olga Koroleva
  • Lucy Fry
  • Claudia Tomaz
  • Franck Trebillac
  • and more to be confirmed soon

This will be the third edition of BYOB in London. The first happened in February with more than 30 artists exhibiting their work at the Woodmill and the second BYOB happened at the Roundhouse in August.

Film Co Lab works on the exhibition of moving image work outside familiar settings. For more details email

Schedule of Events

Thursday, October 13, 2011

· 11:00 am- 8:00 pm : Admission Is Free

· 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm : Opening Reception

Friday, October 14, 2011

· 11:00 am 7:00 pm : Admission Is Free
Private tours available for groups. Email us at to schedule.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

· 11:00 am - 7:00 pm : Admission Is Free
Private tours available for groups. Email us at to schedule.

· 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Film Co Lab
hosts "Bring Your Own Beamer"
Bargehouse attic
(details above)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

· 11:00 am - 6:00 pm : Admission Is Free

Moving Image London's Curatorial Advisory Committee

  • Edwin Carels, Festival Programmer, International Film Festival Rotterdam (Ghent, Belgium)
  • John Connelly, Director, Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation (New York, USA)
  • Solange Farkas, Curator | Director, Associação Cultural Videobrasil (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Mami Kataoka, Chief Curator, Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Elizabeth Neilson, Director, Zabludowicz Collection (London, UK)

Moving Image gratefully acknowledges the support of our Media Partners and Sponsors:

  • The Art Newspaper
  • Ogilvy Art
  • Safiniart
  • Culture Pundits
  • Flash Art International
  • Artnow Online
  • Artports
  • FAD
  • Aesthetica
  • Art Update
  • Spoonfed
  • Swedish Delivery
  • Jimmy's Iced Coffee
  • Fiji Water

Moving Image London
October 13-16, 2011

OXO Tower Wharf
Bargehouse Street
South Bank
London SE1 9PH, UK


Bargehouse is owned and managed
by Coin Street Community Builders

Fair Hours

Thursday - Saturday, October 13-15, 2011 : 11 am - 7 pm

Sunday, October 16, 2011 : 11 am - 6 pm

Opening Reception : Thursday, October 13, 2011 : 6 - 8 pm

Video Performance: Saturday, October 15, 2011 : 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Moving Image was conceived by Edward Winkleman and Murat Orozobekov of New York's Winkleman Gallery. For more information, contact Ed Winkleman at +212.643.3152 or +1.917.517.0761 or email us at

Moving Image, LLC

621 West 27th Street

New York, NY 10001

t: 212.643.3152



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Moving Image = Crazy Awesome. WOW

ED ::: The Show needs to tour The States , Get it out West!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moving Image = Crazy Awesome. WOW

ED ::: The Show needs to tour The States , Get it out West!

10/03/2011 01:35:00 PM  
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I love it. Many congratulations!!

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