Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Kids on the Block: Toomer Labzda and Kanas Gallery opening this Friday

Heard it confirmed on the radio just the other day, the idea that because so many other people consider it too risky to launch a new business during a recession, that those smart enough to manage the risk can benefit greatly from doing so. (I outlined my thinking about why this works particularly well in the emerging artist/primary market sector of the gallery industry in this interview with Sarah Douglas a few years back.)

More than a few new galleries have shown the courage to open up since the seemingly never-ending recession began, and two more are doing so this week in Lower Manhattan. Down in Tribeca is the charmingly (if geographically challenged) named Kansas Gallery, owned by Steven Stewart (formerly of Sue Scott Gallery). Opening this Friday with a cool looking group show, the best place for more info on Kansas Gallery at the moment perhaps (their website is a bit light on details at the moment) is this Facebook page.

Also opening this Friday in the Lower East Site is a hot new gallery called Toomer Labzda, owned by the dynamo wife-husband team of Helen Toomer and Chris Labzda. Bambino and I popped in for a sneak peek the other day and can report the space is looking fabulous. We also had the pleasure of meeting British artist Mia Taylor, who will have her first New York solo exhibition to inaugurate the new gallery.

Hope to see you all at the openings!

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Blogger Mark G. Taber said...

Just a few doors up from Kansas Gallery is Hionas Gallery at 89 Franklin St. Their debut show opened June 9th.

6/21/2011 01:36:00 PM  

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