Thursday, April 07, 2011

Calling London

Quick shout out to the good folks on the other side of the pond to note that Bambino and I are heading over next week for some gallery and museum hopping. Looking for advice on must-see shows and/or events.

Suggestions most welcome.

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Blogger nathaniel said...

Though a bit out of the way from Central, Marc and Ruth over at the non-commercial, artist-run and (somewhat) publicly-funded Furtherfield Gallery in North London are simply amazing, and the space is worth the trip. Fun, smart, humble and extremely generous, maybe contact them in advance and let them know you are coming (that's how I met them), as they really know the ins and outs of the art scene out there, and there's decent and cheap eats in their 'hood. The current show alone looks like it's worth the trip, but I'd go just to meet up with them and listen to their insights, were it a possibility:


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