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New Column : Gallery Jobs

While the newly instated Republican Majority in the House of Representatives spins its wheels trying to figure out how it's going to both pander to the Tea Party that helped put them their AND look like they're the party that should run things at the White House in 2012, President Obama has vowed to work with them (once the position jockeying ends) to help create desperately needed jobs. Expect to see "job creation" touted as the White House's top priority between now and the next election cycle.

Indeed, with the unemployment picture still pretty grim across the country, I've decided to see if I might help in the effort and by posting listings for jobs in the New York gallery world. I can't promise to do so every day (or even every week), but I can promise to post jobs I believe are with good, solid galleries or institutions that I respect and feel you can too.

I will ask that if you want to publicize your job listing here, that you email it for consideration to the following email address : That email again is JOBS [at]

Please note that because we rely on them for other business needs, we cannot accept listings at any of the other gallery email addresses (any listings sent to them will be deleted unopened...sorry). Further, we will simply hang up on anyone who tries to call the gallery with a listing (What? I'm a stenographer, now??? :-) ). We will check the email daily.

I see this as being at most a weekly column, so please note that if I don't publish your listing, it's not because I don't respect you (well, it may not be), but me simply trying to keep the balance up on the please include how time sensitive your open position is in the email.

Our inaugural listing is with one of the galleries I respect most in Chelsea. With, IMHO, as important a program as any young gallery out there, Alexander Gray Associates has quickly risen up the ranks with a steady stream of smart and gorgeous exhibitions. Their entire team are as knowledgeable and sweet as any you'll find in Chelsea, as well. They are looking for a "Registrar / Art Preparator." Here's the listing. Do yourself a favor, if you're interested, and follow the submission instructions:
Registrar / Art Preparator
Alexander Gray Associates is seeking a full-time registrar / art preparator. MA preferred, BA / BFA required, with primary study in one of the following areas: Art History, Museum Studies, Arts Management, Curatorial Studies, Art Studio. Candidates without the minimum of a completed BA / BFA will not be considered.

Must have a minimum 2 years non-internship working experience in an art gallery, museum registrar department, or collection management.

The position entails a wide range of duties focused on the care of artworks:

Registrarial / Archival
  • Manage art inventory database / software / website
  • Prepare and oversee consignment and loan agreements
  • Oversee artwork inventory
  • Maintain artistsʼ exhibitions records
  • Coordinating and overseeing photography sessions, including minor digital image corrections
  • Organize and oversee all artwork and gallery digital images
  • Maintain inventory records and condition reports in database
  • Oversee hardcopy books and catalogues library
  • Manage email and mailing list database
Art Preparation
  • Coordinate and prepare installation and de-installation of gallery exhibitions
  • Manage shipping and receiving of artworks
  • Coordinate and track incoming and outgoing shipments of artworks
  • Oversee artwork storage
General Administration
  • Maintain press list
  • Interface with artists, clients, and vendors
  • General staff support

Candidates must possess a friendly and professional manner with strong organizational skills, passion for contemporary art, excellent written and verbal communication skills. He or she must be detailed, personable, well-presented, outgoing, able to practice discretion, follow procedures accurately and have an exceptionally strong and rigorous work ethic and focus, with a healthy team mentality.

Email resume with cover letter as a single PDF, labeled with your name to:

No phone calls or in-person inquires.
Good luck!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"... President Obama has vowed to work with them (once the position jockeying ends) to help create desperately needed jobs. Expect to see "job creation" touted as the White House's top priority between now and the next election cycle."

Your school girl crush on Obama is charming, but the last 2 years should have taught us something; Either Obama's incessant talk of job creation went unacted upon even with his party in total control, or government can't create jobs. Of course you may have received orders to start hiring and will be posting those positions shortly. I'll keep checking.

1/06/2011 11:14:00 AM  
Blogger Edward_ said...

Ahhh, look's a homophobic, conservative, anti-government, conspiracy theorist with a snarky entirely refreshing.

If only they had put their superior powers of observation and political acumen into play before they hired Bush to bring our economy to its knees and shattered our #1 standing in the world.

1/06/2011 11:19:00 AM  
Blogger Joseph Giannasio said...

this particular homophobic, conservative, anti-government, conspiracy theorist with a snarky attitude, also has no idea how the senate works or they would know that the republicans filibustered every piece of job creating legislation the democrats proposed including loans for small businesses, incentives for corporations to stay in America and hire American workers. instead they decided to hold the senate hostage to give tax breaks for their millionaire buddies

1/06/2011 12:47:00 PM  

"Create jobs" means "huge transfer of wealth to owners of corporations" in republican.

1/06/2011 01:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Bernard Klevickas said...

This is very generous of you Edward.

1/06/2011 02:50:00 PM  
Blogger Mab MacMoragh said...

I'm speechless! What a great thing this is to do! You're a good man.

1/06/2011 09:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about a report from the job seeker? Including undergraduate internships, I have 15 years experience working in non-profit visual arts venues. During that time, I have done everything from sweeping the gallery floors to curating exhibitions. I even have design skills with producing catalogs and art books.

Last year, I lost my job due to budget cuts and have since been unable to find another position. What I am finding, is that my experience is a deterrent to finding a position. What the non-profit sector seems to be looking for now are non-paid interns (often with advanced and specialized degrees) with only 1 -2 years experience.

Even through my contacts, I am getting embarrassed and uneasy silences, because there is a lack of resources to pay for experience. The job you post is typical - lots of responsibility, but they are looking for minimal experience. And while I am willing to work for less pay than I had before my lay-off, I cannot work for free and still pay my bills.

1/07/2011 06:24:00 AM  
Blogger Joanne Mattera said...

Kudos to you, Ed.
Your generosity and community sprit serve as a model for the online community.

1/10/2011 12:50:00 AM  

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