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Mnemonic Contest

As promised, I would like to tout the genius of the Mnemonic Contest's winning author. In my opinion, a mnemonic is most effective when there's an absurd element to it...something so off-beat and unrelated to the subject matter at hand that it's paradoxically impossible to forget. The way you remember the most unusual things, rather than the most usual. More than that, an effective mnemonic makes use of the formula of an adage. We remember adages precisely because of the simplistic, if slightly awkward, way they are phrased.

Here were the entries for the list of data you should send with every jpeg you forward as a professional artist (Title, Year, Medium, Size, Edition [if applicable], AP [if applicable] and Price):
  • Trash Your Mind Snort Enamel Paint
  • T.Y.M.S.E.A.P. pronounced |tīm|-|sēp| in other words don’t waste my time.
  • Title Your Material So Ed Ain’t Peeved.
  • Too Many Young Energetic Artists Promote Stoopidity
  • M.Y.P.E.T.S. : Make Your Package Entirely Tempt Success
  • TYMESAP ( An artist is like a cook who mixes ingredients to create a new dish. But the dish will need to pass muster with the top chef, the gallery owner. You especially like adding the flavor of ThYME SAP in your dish.)
  • This Year My Status Exploded Proportionately
  • Themistocles, you might send Edward a photoshopped-image-with-title-year-medium-size-edition-APs-and-price.
  • This You Must Swear: Every Approach Prepare
  • Tonight Your Mother Seems Especially Anxious, Peter
  • The Yurt Maker Sets Every Pole
  • This Year Might Sell Every Art Pieces
  • To your muse send every artistic persuasion
  • These Yokes Might Sold Every Art Pieces
  • SPY TEAM : Sycophantic Posing Yiddish Tailors Enjoy Art Marketing
  • EMPTY A'S : Enable Marketing Protocol To Your Artistic Satisfaction
  • That Young Monster Still Eats All People!
  • Taking Your Medicine Sure Eliminates Problems
  • The Yogi's Mantra Sounds Eerily Plaintive
Of those entries, the ones that follow the effective mnemonic guidelines (i.e., those likely to be remembered precisely because they're about some unrelated, absurd idea) are, more or less, (this is not an exacting scientific might argue that one of these at least is too close to the subject matter):
  • Tonight Your Mother Seems Especially Anxious, Peter
  • The Yurt Maker Sets Every Pole
  • That Young Monster Still Eats All People!
  • Taking Your Medicine Sure Eliminates Problems
  • The Yogi's Mantra Sounds Eerily Plaintive
Of these, three in particular seem most in the vein of a memorable mnemonic being entirely unrelated to the subject matter at hand and in that way being slightly absurd (i.e., I think the others could easily be construed as being about finding a gallery or the art system, whereas it's hard to see how these three would ever be):
  • The Yogi's Mantra Sounds Eerily Plaintive
  • Tonight Your Mother Seems Especially Anxious, Peter
  • The Yurt Maker Sets Every Pole
Of those, the one that reads most like an adage, in my opinion, is "The Yurt Maker Sets Every Pole."

Therefore, it is with gratitude and admiration that I announce that the winner of the Mnemonic Contest, for his adagey, absurdly memorable formula, is George. You may now commence in showering him with your adulation as well. :-)

Thanks to all who participated!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like George's too because it is easy to remember but it doesn't have an 'A' in it. Is 'A' disposable?

4/23/2010 09:43:00 AM  
Anonymous John Legweak said...

Here’s how I will remember it.

Lisa Loopner: Mr. Winkle-man, I'm starting to feel dizzy..

Mr. Winkleman: You know what that feeling is, Lisa?

Lisa Loopner: What?

Mr. Winkleman: It's love!

[ Mr. Winkleman grabs Lisa and tries to kiss her very passionately, as she struggles to break free ]

Todd LaBounta: [ re-enters living room to great distress ] Say, what's going on?! Oh, no.. another man. Well, I guess this is it. I have no need to go on living. I'll just commit noogie suicide! [ begins to self-inflict himself with noogies ]

Mr. Winkleman: There's no need for that, young man - I simply got carried away.. It must have been the music..

Lisa Loopner: [ spitting Mr. Winkleman's germs out of her mouth ] You're so obnoxious, Mr. Winkle-man! You called Todd a nerd! But you're a worse nerd!

Todd LaBounta: [ shaken ] He called me a.. nerd? I'm not a nerd, Mr. Winkleman.. [ angry ] Mr.Winkleman?

Mr. Winkleman: Yes?

Todd LaBounta: Did you get the submission I sent you?

Mr. Winkleman: No.

Todd LaBounta: Because I forgot to tymseap it! [ stomps on Mr. Winkleman 's foot, as Mr. Winkleman scatters toward the front door ]

Just kidding! But actually that is how I will remember it. :)

4/23/2010 11:23:00 AM  
Anonymous nemastoma said...

Congratulations, George. I'll never think of a Yurt the same way again!

4/23/2010 02:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Oriane Stender said...

Oh, I forgot to post mine here. (I posted it on Murat's facebook wall.)
Take Your Man Shopping, Ed. At Prada.
Murat seemed to like it.

4/23/2010 07:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over on artnet Charlie Finch gives Ed a link.
"Ed Winkleman is busy playing mnemomic word games with his tiny cohort of readers."
I wonder if he knows Ed has posted about what is going on with Dumas.

4/24/2010 03:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Cedric C said...

Congrats, George! Is it absurd?
I can totally see George's one as about setting up goals for an art career, or any such setting. I mean, it is logical: to build a yurt you must set every darn pole!

Cedric C

4/24/2010 05:21:00 AM  

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