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“Those who know how to think need no teachers.”
--Mahatma Gandhi
#class starts this weekend, Sunday, February 21, 4-7 PM.

The schedule of events I posted just a few days ago is already in need of some updating (mostly adding things, so don't worry if you've planned to attend something, no event has moved that I know of). You can also get the handy-dandy calendar version (and, because Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida are more up-to-speed on these things than me, most recent info) at the #class blog. Because of how ambitious this project is and how limited the number of hours in the day are (even for Jennifer and William, who do seem to be able to be in more than one place at once sometimes), I suspect the coming month will be an exercise in flexibility and patience.

I have to say, though, having had just a taste of what is possible through this context, I suspect it's going to be an absolute and total blast!

Jennifer and William, as noted before, are framing the forum for this exhibition into three spaces: a Think Space, a Work Space and a Market Space.

Despite my objections (hey, what do you expect), the Market Space is the most marginalized (read: smallest) of the three. The Work Space, reflecting the reality for most New York artists who in order to follow their dreams must also work around day job and family life schedules to get into their studios, will occur in a catch-as-catch-can fashion. The schedule linked to above does include some concrete times the artists have set aside to create in the space (and again, you're invited to watch and/or comment as they do; which tickles me to no end, thinking how dealers frequently have to practice their profession in front of the whole world : think art fairs).

The biggest portion of the time though, the space will be used for discussions, presentations, events designed to challenge perceptions, and good old fashioned THINKING.

The walls of the main gallery are now one huge money-green-colored chalkboard. There are tables, chairs, chalk, erasers, and a bulletin board. All that's missing are opinions, ideas, objections, alternatives, passionate (but respectful) disagreements, declarations, and (hopefully) the occasional epiphany. Many of these are being brought by the brave volunteers who will present lectures, yoga classes, focus groups, table discussions, and performances. But #class is also designed to help capture the product of solid thinking even when there is no planned event. So even if you can only stop in when nothing seems to be going on, you're still encouraged to pick up some chalk...add to the a note on the bulletin board...and leave evidence of your thinking.

PS: There are some colleagues of ours who have been so incredibly generous and helpful in organizing #class, that I would like to acknowledge their support. A huge hug and sincere thanks go to Magda Sawon and Tamas Banovich of Postmasters Gallery; Penny Pilkington and Wendy Olsoff and Jamie Sterns at PPOW; Lisa Schroeder and Sara Jo Romero of Schroeder Romero & Shredder; and our own most patient and awesome crew, Max, Nikita, Julian, and Bambino!!!

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Blogger Kate said...

I can't wait for this.

Thank you for your openness of mind, generosity of spirit, and sense of adventure. You are a key player in the revolution, in the redefinition of the paradigm...

2/19/2010 03:10:00 PM  
Blogger markcreegan said...

I sincerely wish I could experience these events, I look forward to seeing the documentation.
I think it seems that this hodge podge of reflexive actions is important and note that a good number of the participants are bloggers where you would normally find reflexive insight. Figuring out ones relationship to the art world and how one wants to exist within their particular conception of that system is an ongoing process and to do that in this communal setting is interesting and refreshing. My take on most of these events is that they seem less of a rant (although I am sure ranting will happen) fest than a renegotiation of ones relationship to the process and structure of making and thinking about art. A thousand participants will leave with a thousand different re-definitions.

2/21/2010 08:20:00 AM  
Anonymous nina meledandri said...

gr8 1st day of #class!!!!
some snaps:

2/22/2010 09:45:00 AM  

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