Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Miami Time Tunnel (and a Few Post-Fair Impressions)

I stopped blogging while at fairs a few years back because it took too much time away from what I was there to do full time (meet [new] collectors and curators and sell them art) and because others were already covering the fair I was in and all the others full time. {{We were very pleased to participate in the PULSE Miami Art Fair this year...which looked fantastic and ran like clockwork even though director Helen Allen had to fly back to New York...her second child anxious to join us all in this world (see Sarah Douglas' wrap-up here on artinfo.com [go on, read it all, I'm not quoted until the end]).}} But that doesn't stop me from blabbing away now that we're back!

There's this odd time warp that happens to me each year when we travel down to Florida for the festivities. We're working from 8 in the morning (either meeting clients for breakfast or finishing up the paperwork we didn't get done the day before) to about midnight (not that we're in bed by then...just that my mind insists it shuts its semi-intelligent functioning down by them). The fair runs through Sunday, which means Monday feels like the first day of the weekend. And then just when we finally have time (Monday morning) to laze about a bit at the beach, a few hours later we're back in freakin' freezing New York and it's Christmas everywhere. This throws my inner sense of timing entirely out of whack. I think I still might have sand between my toes, but there are Holiday parties I'm attending in a few days.

The other part of the process that impacts this time warp sensation is that, all the while, we're running a gallery back in New York (OK, so Max was running the gallery, flawlessly, but it was still on my mind). This Friday, what has been nothing short of a fantastically fun series of performances continues in the gallery with Harper Blynn (don't miss it!).

But what happened in Miami? Well, we sold art. A good chunk of it. It wasn't like it had been in previous years where something by nearly everyone you brought found homes (at least not for us, we heard some folks sold out their booths, but usually that happened for solo projects...we also know several galleries who left with no sales at all, though...). Meaning to my mind that certain types of work are selling and certain types are not. Established names and new work that looked like "something I've never seen before" seemed to be the big sellers.

Having said that, the 2006 class of speculators seem to be still lurking in the shadows or not coming at all. But dedicated collectors were out in force and we were very, very pleased with where what we sold is going. Most folks (us included) reported selling to many first-time collectors. A colleague of ours pointed out the most optimistic observation I heard in Miami, which was that the art consultants were back in force with their clients. A good sign for the market.

There were tons of parties and openings and such, most of which we didn't get to, having a somewhat complicated installation and both Bambino and I suffering from a severe lack of sleep (we're moving in less than a month !!! and those preparations have been an ongoing extra load for some time). But we did have some lovely smaller parties with collectors and other dealers and writer friends in the lobby of our hotel or out-of-the-way restaurants. Love goes out to Larry and Marla; Jonathan, Ossian, Andras, and Franklin; Courtney, Amanda, and Jen; Sebastian and Silvia; Lisa, Larry and Baby X!!!; Ivin; Leigh and Jamie; and Eve, Simon, Catherine and John for helping us celebrate what turned out to be a very, very good year in Miami.

Finally, thanks so much to all the folks who read here and were kind enough to stop by the both and say hi. It humbles me that you'd take time during the madness to mention the blog...and I'm very grateful for your encouragement. Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.

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Blogger Mark said...

Great parties Max! Can't wait til next year..

12/08/2009 03:22:00 PM  
Blogger Ariel Baron-Robbins said...


Thanks for posing with me again! See you next year.

12/09/2009 10:59:00 AM  

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