Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Compound Editions: Now with 40-second Trailer link !

We've had a number of people request to see some of the video for this new Compound Edition. Your wish is our command!

New and improved, the presser for A COUNTRY ROAD. A TREE. EVENING.

Compound Editions is very pleased to announce the release of our fifth multiple:
A COUNTRY ROAD. A TREE. EVENING.[wow.episode.01] by Eve Sussman & Rufus Corporation
music by Lumendog [Geoff Gersh, Adam Kendall, Christof Knoche, Bradford Reed]
(image above is a selection of stills from the video)
View a 40-second trailer of the work here.
A first installment of a series of pieces that make up the experimental film noir White on White, A COUNTRY ROAD. A TREE. EVENING. is a 6-minute video that comes installed on the state-of-the-art ARCHOS 5 media tablet.
Set in 2016 in A-City, a future metropolis that bears a striking resemblance to Soviet 1970s, A COUNTRY ROAD. A TREE. EVENING. is a visual tone poem presented as a list of clues to be elucidated in future episodes of White on White (hence the subtitle [wow.episode.01]).

White on White
is a study of extremes, couched in a vernacular of nouvelle vague noir and futuristic fantasies. Through the language of cinema verité , experimental filmmaking, and the thriller genre, this fictional series examines the limits of personal and political utopias and desire.

After extensive research, Sussman selected the ARCHOS 5 player for this Compound Edition for its high-fidelity audio and video and internet capability. This last fact will allow collectors of this Compound Edition to continue along the White on White journey in the near future. As episodes of White on White become available fans of the work can collect them and have them streamed to their Archos player - thereby owning a limited edition film-in-progress and simultaneously becoming a co-producer of the final film noir.
Eve Sussman & Rufus Corporation
Original music by Lumendog

Geoff Gersh - guitar and electronics

Adam Kendall – keyboards & electronics
Christof Knoche - bass clarinet & electronics
Bradford Reed - pencilina
6-minute video installed on ARCHOS 5 media tablet
5" x 0.5" x 3.1"
Edition of 100, plus 10 APs
$450.00 for numbers 1-50;

$600 for numbers 51-100.

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