Friday, June 12, 2009

Eve Sussman and Jeff Wood Discuss "White on White" @ Winkleman Gallery

Please join us this coming Tuesday for what promises to be a jaw-dropping account of the straight-out-of-a-cyberpunk-novel cast of characters and places that Eve, Jeff, and the other members of Rufus Corporation have encountered while shooting "White on White." From their detainment by the Russian state police outside the highly secure Baikonur Cosmodrome to the mysterious business man with the driver who doesn't speak English (only who isn't a driver and speaks it only too well), their project is making for its own real-life film noir.

Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation
White on White: The Pilot (just like being there)

Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation collaborator, Jeff Wood, will give a talk at Winkleman Gallery on Tuesday, June 16th at 7pm. Eve is a 2008 Artist Fellowship recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). This presentation is co-sponsored by Artists & Audiences Exchange, a NYFA public program.

Sussman and Wood will show two new teasers for the film, White on White, that they describe as an improvised film noir culled from everyday life on the road between Moscow and the Caspian. Over the next year, episodes of the project will be released as "TV shows" using every possible platform, including the art gallery, as a means for broadcast. Similarly, cinematic convention is just one of the devices employed. The series also includes photographs, storyboards, installations and sculptures.

On view at Winkleman is White on White: The Pilot (just like being there), featuring artworks as points of departure on the subjects of time, space, past, future and Sussman's constant subject 'dailiness'. The centerpiece of White on White: The Pilot (just like being there) (the title a word play on the television pilot and famed astronaut and test pilot Yuri Gagarin) is Yuri's Office, a set for the upcoming TV show. Based on Sussman's photograph, Yuri's Office, this detailed recreation, by Sussman, Nicolas Locke, Tony Pinotti, Kazuaki Sugi, is inspired by the museumification of the real office of Gagarin. The installation takes on the desire to freeze time, to impose cryogenics on space when it is still untenable to freeze people. A second video installation How to tell the future from the Past, v.2, by Eve Sussman and Angela Christlieb – shot during a 72 hour train journey across the steppe – conceptualizes time with the manifestation of humanity as the constant, as daily life – history in the making – runs backwards and forwards simultaneously.

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Exhibition: May 15 – June 20, 2009
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11-6 PM

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Blogger C. L. DeMedeiros said...

Sounds promising and brilliant.
I'm a big fan of film noir.
Can be a shadow in the wall?

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