Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming....almost

I know the blogging has been lame around these parts lately. I plead insanity by route of being so f'ing busy it would have driven me over the edge to add one more task to my day. But things are settling down again and I expect to resume regular blogging tomorrow.

For today, please have a read of this highly entertaining interview by Qi Peng with Jennifer Dalton. It gives you insight into why we love working with Jen so much. Here's a taste:
qi peng: How do you feel that the current economic recession impacted the contemporary art market and way that it functions in the larger national economy? Do you feel that artists will be pursuing more personal and intimate projects than the overly commercial work, typically geared for the art fairs, during the upcoming years? How do you think that galleries and non-profits will be coping with the dramatic shifts within the political and corporate culture, particularly in America? Do you have any thoughts about the current state of the stock market and its concomitant corruption? Any thoughts on the Obama administration in relation to your viewpoint on history, social identity, and the arts scene?

Jennifer Dalton: I’ve been saying for a while I think that the downturn may be good for art, but bad for people in the arts, not to mention most other people as well. I think a lot of galleries are going to close, and a lot of artists will be hunkering down in day jobs for a while, if they’re lucky enough to have them. I do think that there could be a greater interest among artists in pursuing weird, un-sellable projects and that could be really fun. If you are interested in the stock market and bank situation, you should read baselinescenario.com or Thomas Geoghegan’s article in the April issue of Harper’s Magazine, but beware that you may be unable to control your rage. I remain quite hopeful about Obama, I think he’s certainly our best hope for getting out of this mess, but that doesn’t mean he’ll succeed.

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