Monday, June 16, 2008

Proud Papa Update

Just a quick note about some upcoming love for our gallery artists from major art institutions:

Joy Garnett is participating in the following group exhibition at PS1, which opens this Sunday!

That Was Then...This Is Now
June 22 through September 22, 2008

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center

That Was Then...This Is Now is a joint curatorial adventure timed to coincide with the forty year anniversary of the '68 revolutions. Inspired by the artistic and socio-political climate of the late 1960s, this exhibition brings together an international and intergenerational group of artists working within three iconographic themes: flags, weapons, and dreams. From these points of departure, artists examine political and cultural hopes and their subsequent distortions. Drawing from the communal spirit of the 1960s, all the curatorial advisors will collaborate together on this one exhibition for the first time. That Was Then...This Is Now will be on view in the Second Floor Galleries.

Organized by P.S.1 Director Alanna Heiss, Senior Curatorial Advisor Neville Wakefield, and Chief Curatorial Advisor Klaus Biesenbach with Curatorial Advisors Andrea Bellini, Phong Bui, Lia Gangitano, Susanne Pfeffer, and Franklin Sirmans.

Carlos Motta is a recipient of the 2008 Latin American and Caribbean Guggenheim Fellowship Award!
The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has awarded 35 Fellowships to artists, scholars, and scientists from Latin America and the Caribbean with a total grant allocation of $1,200,000, according to Edward Hirsch, Foundation president. The successful Fellows were chosen from 516 applicants. This year’s new Fellows are from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela.

The Foundation grants Fellowships through two annual competitions: one for citizens and permanent residents of the United States and Canada; the other for citizens and permanent residents of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Fellowships are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts.

The 2008 Fellows are a diverse group in their fields of endeavor, geographic location, and age. The new Fellows range in age from the 30-year-old Colombian artist Carlos Motta to the 65-year-old Nicaraguan author Sergio Ramírez.
And The Chadwicks (aka Jimbo Blachly and Lytle Shaw), whose solo exhibition opens this coming October, will have a video of their wonderful Golden Age Micro Brewery and readings of their homophonic translations of poetry by Jacob Cats presented at the Tate Modern in London:
Gramophones, Films, Typewriters: audio, video and text works curated by Seth Kim-Cohen
Saturday 28 June, 19.00 – 21.00 East Room, Tate Modern

‘Media determine our situation.’ So begins Friedrich Kittler’s highly influential Gramophone, Film, Typewriter. Today, twenty-two years later, such determination is even more acute. Media are everywhere. Control of sound, image, language and their dissemination has changed dramatically.

All these media determine the artist’s situation too. Those who work with technological media, suddenly find their world overpopulated. Those who work with traditional media (painting, sculpture, and by now we can surely include photography), must wonder if the jet pack has left the station.

The artists present works that engage the exigencies and allowances of media: flirting with the inchoate, challenging the virtue at the root of both the virtual and the virtuoso, exploiting the transportability of the message while acknowledging its recalcitrance. We collect this multiform work under the collective title Gramophones, Films, Typewriters, but it could just as easily have been Media, Determinations, Situations.

This session includes works by Julian Rosefeldt, Dexter Sinister, Jarrod Fowler, Lytle Shaw and Jimbo Blachly, Seth Kim-Cohen, Richard Mosse, John Lely, Petrova Giberson, and Aliza Shvarts.
Oh, and one more item, "I Dream of the Stans," the gallery exhibition co-curated by Leeza Ahmady, Murat Orozobekov, and myself, featuring new Central Asian Video art is being presented at the Museo de Arte de El Salvador, MARTE in San Salvador. A thousand thanks go to our friend and art world impresario Janet Phelps for arranging for the exhibition and MARTE's Programming Director, Rafael Alas Vásquez, for organizing what we believe is the first time major works by contemporary Central Asian artists are being exhibited in a major Central American museum.

I'm gonna go now before I tear up with pride.

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Blogger Sunil said...

Congratulations on the delivery!!

6/16/2008 11:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anabell Iglesias - MARTE said...

I'm Anabell Iglesias, the Marketing Director at MARTE. I received a Google Alert about the museum being mentioned in a blog and was excited to see it was yours.
The exhibit will open on Thursday and we are expecting to be a hit. You're right, it seems this is the very first time that Central Asian artists will be at a museum in our region, so we're breaking ground here!

6/17/2008 07:08:00 PM  
Blogger Edward_ said...

I won't make it for the opening, unfortunately, Anabell, but Leeza and Janet will. Have a great time and thanks again!

6/18/2008 07:36:00 AM  
Anonymous betsbillabong said...

The Tate Modern show sounds great!

6/19/2008 01:19:00 PM  

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