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Bambino's SEE and BE SEEN: June 6, 2008

With all this hot weather in New York, we had our own very hot opening last night with David Kinast’s “ISM” show (that's David between Courtney J. Martin and Deborah Grant). To everyone who missed the opening, I would highly recommend not missing the show. Here are a few images for this month’s SEE and BE SEEN.

Here’s our dear friend Jonathan O’Neil from Boyd Level and The Drawing Center, who’s also writing on Artworldsalon (always worth the read). Unfortunally Franklin Boyd was not able to come, but she never misses our shows. Jonathan was uncomfortable having his picture taken by paparazzi I guess. But I did it anyways. And by the way did you notice how clear the pictures are? We bought new digital camera 10 Mgz pix.

Sarah Peters was lovely as usual and I asked her to pose in front of her new work (in the office), which I totally love. Anyone who has followed her work, this is an opportunity to own your own Sarah Peters’ work for reasonable price, for now. She is one of the young artist you have to watch.

And of course, from my chosen family, here’s Amanda Church. We always have a great time together. On our last studio visit to see her Porn paintings, we loved them, if you like her work and want to see new work, you must ask her specifically for porn paintings. Or wait till her show in LA.

And here is the star of the night David Kinast, who looked pretty damn good with his summery clothes, with our close friend Courtney Martin, who is beautiful, smart, lovely, and (the list can go on and on). You know when you can talk to someone about everything with respect? She is like that. Can’t wait to travel with her again to the Venice Biennale next year. She is also growing in her professional career as art historian and curator, and she is one of the people in art world to watch.

It was nice to see Julie Evans back from her trip out to the Tamarind Institute. While she was gone, I had very juicy dream about her, but it’s very private. I really wanted her painting from the Momenta Benefit, but someone lucky grabbed before me. And thank you everyone who donated work to Momenta Art and everyone who bought tickets.

My best outfit of the evening would go to Barbara, David Kinast’s fiancée. Very pretty, elegant, perfect color for summer, and a beautiful dress for the opening. We wish them a wonderful great time in Italy and the big event this summer. Congratulations.

I must say, at last night's opening we were so green, people asked for refills, without tossing out their plastic cups. We were so proud that everyone was participated in our Green campaign, and thank you.

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Blogger rb said...

fascinating, Bambino, thanks

David Kinast's works are particularly fascinating to me so it's nice to See a part of his Scene

6/08/2008 02:02:00 AM  
Blogger Barbara W. said...

what a dress, what a smile...
I'd love to get an idea of Kinast's work close up; any thought of posting a detailed shot for readers in other lands who likely won't get to see the show?

6/09/2008 02:10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the most provincial post I have ever read outside of Sao luis,Maranhao.

6/11/2008 07:53:00 PM  
Blogger Edward_ said...

This is the most provincial post I have ever read outside of Sao luis,Maranhao.

er...yeah. That's the point.

6/12/2008 08:34:00 AM  

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