Thursday, March 06, 2008

Joy Garnett in TimeOut New York

Quick note to say that Ms. Garnett has scored another great review for her show (Yea, Joy!). This time in TimeOut New York.

My favorite part of what Jennifer Coates writes:

By charging her source material with Munch-like painterly intensity, the artist transforms impersonal images that ordinarily warrant a passing glance into scenes that rivet the eye.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a pretty good line. I felt the same way about a Keith Mayerson exhibition that I reviewed last year.

"His painting style features energetic and tactile brushstrokes and a lush, subtly modulated palette. The effect is so sensual and earnest that we forget we are looking at images we have seen hundreds if not thousands of times before: The Beatles showered in confetti during their first visit to America, in the painting "The Beatles 1964" (2006); Elvis thrusting his pelvis forward as he balances on his toes onstage in the painting "Elvis '56" (2006). As many times as we have seen these images, Mr. Mayerson manages to create surprising and beautiful translations into oil paint. The medium slows things down, and lends these beloved figures a timeless and elegiac quality."


3/06/2008 08:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Bambino said...

Congradulations Joy

3/06/2008 02:57:00 PM  

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