Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Beginning of A New Era

If you're in Chelsea this evening (Thursday, January 12), be sure you head over to 27th Street. Six Seven very good young galleries will christen their new ground-floor spaces in the gorgeous Terminal Building between 11th and 12th Avenues, including ATM's annex, Clementine, John Connelly, Derek Eller, Foxy Production, Oliver Kamm 5BE, and Wallspace (OK, so John already debuted in his new space, but it's fine to wish him well again). Following the lead of Brooklyn legends Roebling Hall, these daring young pioneers are venturing into unchartered Chelsea territory by pushing past 11th Ave, but the buzz on this location stands to make it an overnight destination. (Yes, and it just happens to be where we and Schroeder Romero will be opening soon [can anyone recommend a gentle, but effective way to ask your construction folks to get the lead out?].)

Congrats and best wishes to you all!


Blogger Christopher said...

Go get 'em kids! Love making the trek to Roebling's new space whenever I am in town... now all the more reason.

1/12/2006 01:07:00 AM  
Blogger Edna said...

Congrats, new galleries. See you all there.


1/12/2006 07:56:00 AM  
Anonymous james leonard said...

can anyone recommend a gentle, but effective way to ask your construction folks to get the lead out?

Sadly Edward, the only thing I've ever heard works reliably involves sizable, time sensitive completion bonuses...

1/12/2006 09:16:00 AM  
Anonymous MIke @ MAO said...

Ed.. 3 Contractor Suggestions, besides the "money always talks" incentives.....

1. Call every workday to ask what the contractor is working on today... squeeky wheels always get attention.

2. Surprise visits to the job site during the workday.. keeps the staff from goofing off too much.

3. Have your "Wife/Partner" Flirt with the contractor.. either they'll be your new best friend.. OR it will creep them out so they just want to get done with your job as soon as possible!

1/12/2006 10:52:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

In you original agreement have a finish-by date or the fee is reduced incrementally. Contractors usually take on extra clients and as mike said the squeeky wheel gets the love. And in NYC you gotta say fuck alot, as in,"what the fuck are you guys doin here all day? Don't fuck with me, you fucking fuck." Something like that.

1/12/2006 11:27:00 AM  
Blogger Edward_ said...

I think Mike's #3 is the most innovative (likely to succeed) because I already say "f*ck" a lot. :-)

1/12/2006 12:31:00 PM  
Anonymous bambino said...

mark thanks for advice.
ed i will be wokring on it form today.

1/12/2006 02:57:00 PM  
Blogger Edward_ said...

which one, Bambino?

1/12/2006 03:03:00 PM  
Anonymous bambino said...

the last one :P

1/12/2006 03:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anew era? i was completely underwhelmed by the smallish spaces and the work inside. there was nothing "new" about any of it sorry to say. it did not feel fresh to me in the least. what is the big fuss???felt same old chelsea or brooklyn derivative stuff you see everywhere, and i am not generalizing, i felt this in all of the galleries i went into..... maybe derek eller had s few good things, a great michelle segre drawaing with an eyeball in the middle, that i wouldnt throw out, but really, it all felt so familiar.

1/13/2006 08:19:00 PM  
Blogger Edward_ said...


Those young dealers worked their asses off to secure the few remaining ground-floor spaces in the dog-eat-dog world of Chelsea real estate...and did you even know their programs before you went (if so, why would you expect dramatic changes just because they moved?)...your lack of generosity is stunning...

Oh, and our new space will be somewhat smallish as well. Just giving you advanced warning, so you don't trudge all the way over there just to end up disappointed.


1/13/2006 09:55:00 PM  

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