Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Guys and Dolls: Miami Day 2

Day 2: Finished installing our room at Aqua, had the VIP preview at Aqua (a bit quiet really, but...), went to the Basel Vernissage (a bit overwhelming, as usual), went to the Bass Museum opening (a bit past the snack-getting hour), went to the containers (mostly to meet friends), went to the concert on the beach (a bit of an oasis in the chaos), met some lovely art bloggers in a French bar (a bit more about chaffed nipples than you might have expected). And there was art in there somewhere, I swear.

In talking with Caryn Coleman of fame, I learned the only way to really blog from an art fair is with images and captions...there's not much point in trying to formulate any rational opinions, given how fried my brain is now, anyway, so here goes... Bambino is trying to work out the spy cam on the jacuzzi, until then, though, here's a few shots of our room (again, we moved from the tiny 122 to the spacious 114) ...

Here's our room from the outside...think anyone will be able to figure out whose it is?

Here's an interior view, showing how spacious it is...there's more around the bend, and behind where I'm standing...the long landscape in the background is a new piece by Chris Dorland, as is the cropped pink one on the left...the framed piece under the TV is a fireworks drawing by Rosemarie Fiore, and the video playing is the great flying tomato piece (With Open Arms) by Kate Gilmore...the three smaller landscapes are from the roadside adult bookstore series by Christopher Johnson....John Waters discusses one of these with Bruce Hainley in their book about art and sex.

Our project space (formerly a vanity) with sculptures by Joe Fig, including Jasper Johns and Robert can also see a snippet of a new painting by Rosemarie Fiore...I suck at photo composition, I know.

Here's a final interior shot that I took just as this guy walked into view. I met him (he's exhibiting at Pulse), but I have to admit, my brain's a colander right now, so if you recognize him, don't tell him I can't recall his name.

More images of the room tomorrow.

With my painfully crappy phone camera, I took this shot of the New York Dolls in concert on the beach...they were fun (even though they look radioactive in this lame image):

Still, there was something about dancing with Bambino to the NYDolls rendition of Piece of My Heart, on the beach, beneath a perfect star-filled sky, that made me forget just how exhausted I was for a bit...


Anonymous juaninamillion said...

I think that your mystery man is Pavel Zoubok. Surprised that you don't know him since his gallery has been in Chelsea a while.

12/01/2005 06:52:00 PM  
Blogger Edward_ said...

I've actually met out of it was I?

Thanks Juan.

12/01/2005 08:01:00 PM  
Anonymous E. Tage Larsen said...

Ed, I was hoping to stop by but realized that the entire time i'm here/there that the "ice palace" hours pretty much coincide with AQUA. It was really nice meeting you. Sorry i wasn't more chatty. The second you left, it was like "duh, i should have given you my card."

Good luck with the rest of the fair. I return to the apple tomorrow night.

I'll be getting blind drunk with the Hackett Freedman people at the Art Bar at the Shore Club tonight after 10 pm if you and your gang want to stop by.



12/01/2005 08:26:00 PM  

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