Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Four Fun Sites and a Wedding

I'm still not quite back in the bloggin mode, having just returned from a wedding in DC (it was awesome!...see NYT notice here [it was held in St. Matthew's Cathedral--seen at right]). There's plenty of sorrowful news about, but I'm taking a break just today in order to maximize the potential of the Internet and link to a few light-hearted things I've seen recently:

1. Via The OC Art Blog: I am better than your kids (perhaps the rudest [and one of the funniest] art critics around).
2. Via Thinking About Art: Contemporary magazine recently offered an article about art blogging. Among other bit of fun you can see a [slightly darkish] photo of art blogger extraordinaire, Tyler Green.
3. Via Artinfo.com: a great round-up of art world quotes, including this gem:

""Years ago, you got a little quiet thank-you note [for supporting a museum]. Today, they put your boats outside."— Marie Malaro, author of Museum Governance: Mission, Ethics, Policy.
4. Finally, Via Zeke's Gallery (via The OC Art Blog) comes McSweeny's list of "Things Not Overheard at a Conceptual-Art Gallery Opening," including this one that had me laughing til I snorted:
"Now that you mention it, I have no idea who designed this shirt."
Enjoy! Regular bloggin to resume tomorrow.


Blogger Joseph Barbaccia said...

One of my favorite quotes about art is by Oscar Wilde. He said:

"There are moments when art almost attains the dignity of manual labor".

9/06/2005 02:13:00 PM  
Blogger bill said...

Will I look stupid if I don't get the shirt-design joke? (I come from a long line of very unfunny people.)

9/07/2005 10:10:00 PM  
Blogger Edward_ said...

The joke turns on the idea that folks wear only designer shirts and are normally all too anxious to tell you by which designer at such functions...it's more funny if you attend the sort of openings where clearly the crowd isn't there to see the art, but be seen themselves. I normally avoid those like the plague, but on occassion find myself at one...counting Prada shoes and Varvatos jackets.

9/08/2005 09:25:00 AM  

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